Enhancing Student Investigations and Collaborations

The e-Labs use the Internet and distributed computing in high school classes and provide an opportunity for students to:

Supported by QuarkNet, these projects are problem-based, student driven and technology dependent. Students reach beyond classroom walls to explore data with other students and experts and share results, publishing original work to a world-wide audience. Students can discover and extend the research of other students, modeling the processes of modern, large-scale research projects. Students need only a web-browser to access distributed computing techniques employed by professional researchers.

e-Labs address ALL science practices in the Next Generation Science Standards. The Cosmic Ray e-Lab also addresses ALL engineering practices.

Support for I2U2 and Quarknet has come in part from the National Science Foundation and the Office of Science U.S. Department of Energy. Opinions expressed are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the Foundation or Department.