Welcome! Contribute to our scientific collaboration. Who are we?

Higgs Event

Who are we?

We're a collaboration of high school students and teachers analyzing data from the Compact Muon Solenoid Collaboration, CMS, experiment at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland to answer some of these questions. We're working with computer scientists to provide cutting edge tools that use grid techniques to help you share data, graphs, and posters and collaborate with other students nationwide.

Who can join?

You! Think about steps you'd take to investigate particle collisions at the highest accelerator energies. How would you get started? What do you need to know? Can you analyze data?

  • Here's your chance to do a research study.
  • Find out what other students have done.
  • Talk it over.
  • Then ask other questions and refine your study!

Do a study!

  • You will:
    • Ask questions about CMS data.
    • Develop a study plan to answer these questions.
    • Execute your plan.
      • Look at data from CMS.
      • Gather evidence from data.
    • Share and defend your results.