Muon Speed Using Time of Flight - Further Ideas (4)

TOF analysis tool can be used for:

1. Average speed of muons. Measure the dependence of speed on direction.

2. Measure the speed of individual muons to search for upward-going muons from neutrinos that traverse the Earth and interact below our feet.

3. Δt of pairs of stacked counters can be used to calibrate the relative timing of counters in a Large Shower Array setup, using single muons.

4. Δt of parallel muons from one cosmic ray air shower to measure the longitudinal width of the shower.

5. Pointing with a narrow aperture (cos(ϑ) of azimuthal angle or Shadow of Sun) to help remove 2-muon backgrounds.

6. Δt in horizontal large array setups can identify possible flux asymmetries possible caused by an asymmetric overburden.

7. Horizontally distributed counters can be used to search for muon flux differences in different directions. The direction can be measured by the Δt between counter pairs. If the counters lie along a line, the flux along that direction may exhibit an asymmetry as a function of angle due to material lying along the muons path. Perhaps a tall building is located on one side of the detector, but not on the opposite side.

8. Shower directional reconstruction techniques can be compared between arrays that point due to their geometric setup using single muon paths and those horizontal arrays that use timing of parallel muons.



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