Website features that guide and support student research

Getting Started

When students go to the website, an animation flashes sample research questions. If your students are taking the pre- and post-test, each member of a research group must complete the pre-test before they can start using the website. Then when they log in, they see the navigation bar and the project map.

Navigation Bar

Most menu items have submenus. When you roll over the navigation bar, all the submenus show up. Here is how it looks when you roll over "Library" on the Project Map page.

Project Map

To navigate the e-Lab, students follow the path and complete the milestones. They can hover over each hot spot to preview; click to open. Along the main line are milestone seminars, opportunities to check how their work is going. Project milestones are on the four branch lines. The branch lines include:

We provide an alternate text version for accessiblity.

Glossary and References

The website has a glossary and references for the milestones (accessed by clicking on the milestone in the graphical version and on the icon in the text version). Entries show in pop-up windows when a definition or reference is needed. The entire glossary is available from the Library submenu.

e-Logbook - Opportunities for Feedback

Because this is a student-led, teacher-guided investigation, it is important for students to get frequent feedback.

As students work through the milestones, they have access to an online logbook where they can save their notes. They can enter notes for each milestone and into general notes. They can respond to teacher prompts to reflect on their progress. Teachers are able to access this work, track and assess student progress and provide feedback.

Teachers also have a logbook in which they can make notes on their students, teaching strategies, resources, etc. for the next year. To access your logbook, click on the little pencil in upper right-hand corner on every page.

From their logbook, teachers can access entries:


Students can click on the envelopes icon on the upper right hand corner of the banner to see notifications.

Teachers can send notifications to students. he e-Lab will also notify the student when data analyses are done. A number in red will indicate the number of notifications available. If it is missing, you have none.


On the Library submenu is a link to references that include:


Students may publish their work as a poster or a paper. We provide a webform for them to enter text, select figures from the website and uploaded images of their own.

Associated with posters are areas for comments. This allows students to comment on the work of other students and ask questions.

Site Index and Site Overview

The student site index has a list in outline format of all the pages on this site available to students.

The student site overview provides a graphical interface to important pages on this site available to students. Just roll over the main sections to see the items available for access in each section. This same interface is accessible from the "Explore!" quick link on the home page. Your students may like it as an easy way to get around the website. Here the student has rolled over the Library and exposed the Library links.